There’s nothing more exciting and refreshing than the chance to plan a getaway that comes with the scenery, fun, and adventure you deserve. Especially in 2021, after a year of being cooped up at home—there’s something even more important about taking time to get out and discover new places alongside those you love.

Memorial Day is a wonderful chance to reflect on those who have well served their country and it’s also a time to connect with family and friends as you make your way somewhere new. This year consider setting your travel sights on the beautiful Pocono Mountains when it’s time to leave stress behind and reinvigorate the mind and spirit!

The Poconos is loved by travelers from near and far for its stunning landscapes that encompass everything from mountains and forests to rolling hills that host captivating communities in between. No matter what your travel style or preferences may be, the Poconos has something waiting that’s sure to thrill! When you’re ready to begin planning your Memorial Day 2021 getaway in this direction, keep the following in mind to make sure you make the most of every moment there is to enjoy.

Book a Property That Brings the Comfort, Luxury, and Style You Deserve

It’s exciting to know you’ll soon be in the Poconos exploring the terrain and enjoying time checking out restaurants, shops, and landmarks galore. That said, a sure way to elevate your incredible experience from start to finish is to make sure you’re booked into a vacation rental this Memorial Day that incorporates the style and luxurious upgrades you’ve definitely earned! That’s where All Pocono Rentals can help.

Our team of property professionals is dedicated to helping guests enjoy one-of-a-kind getaways to the Poconos no matter what time of year they arrive, and Memorial Day travelers are no exception to the rule! We provide visitors with a lineup of property options to choose from that give their adventure a luxurious and even pampered edge in all of those moments when they aren’t out making the most of their surroundings.

Consider booking a rental this holiday that includes a spacious, open-concept design complete with floor-to-ceiling windows that frame an amazing view to inspire each and every day of your stay. Fantastic furnishings are found in the majority of our rentals that include everything from granite countertops and stainless steel appliances to natural wood beams, stone-framed fireplaces highlighting the rustic charm and beyond!

Whether you opt for a cozy mountain abode or lean towards a luxurious and sprawling estate the entire family can enjoy, you’ll find there’s always room for an upgrade that makes a stay unforgettable. This Memorial Day doesn’t hesitate to book one of our Poconos properties that includes access to a sensational hot tub, private pool, or comes complete with a gourmet kitchen so you can savor a home-cooked meal whenever you’re in the mood to do so!

Check Out Bushkill Falls

When the luxuries of your vacation rental have left you energized and ready to explore, don’t miss an opportunity to check out Bushkill Falls this Memorial Day. This beautiful destination is a must for cascade chasers who can’t wait to lace up their boots, hit the trails, and enjoy the reward of nature’s best work at the end of it all. There are multiple trails leading to Bushkill Falls which makes it convenient when you’re traveling in a group of hikers of varying skill levels. Make a trek this way as challenging or leisurely as you like. Either way, you’ll enjoy savoring the sights of not one, but eight separate cascades that are worth having your camera on hand for!

Make Time for Adventure at Hickory Run State Park

Traveling over Memorial Day puts you in the sweet spot for making the most of outdoor adventures in the Poconos. When you can’t wait to capture those fresh-air moments in abundance, be sure to make time on the itinerary for a stop at Hickory Run State Park. This sprawling and scenic space has been designated a must-see by several natural resource departments across Pennsylvania with good reason! Hickory Run State Park offers up 15,990 acres of land to explore as well as 40 miles of hiking trails and a seemingly endless maze of trout streams. Popular activities to enjoy at Hickory Run State Park include hiking, biking, swimming, wildlife watching, and even disc golfing when you’re up for some friendly competition. The park is open from sunrise to sunset daily, making it a good choice anywhere on your schedule that works.

Book Your Stay Today

Memorial Day is just around the corner, making now the best time to begin planning your amazing Poconos adventure! Reach out to All Pocono Rentals today to learn more about our many area property options and how we can help you turn those travel plans into a reality. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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